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Photographer, videographer and visual artist.


Marie Allain, born in 1971, lives in France.

Photographer and visual artist since 1995. 

After her artistic studies in Grenoble, she travels to London, Ireland, China, Honk Kong.

On her return, she moved to Lyon to study film photography and in the lab in Lyon, then worked in Paris, Geneva and Barcelona. 

Marie started working for her when she was 25.

She pushes the door of the agencies with a book of completely blurred photos.And shoot in fashion, portraits of artists, ceramists, places... 

Marie deeply loves what she does and the diversity of subjects.

His workshop studio are surrounded by nature and horses in the south of France.

An instinctive and passionate artist, Marie draws her inspiration from the great outdoors and the literary and pictorial works of Carl Jung, Jim Harrisson and Mark Rothko.

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